SizeGenetics – a new size with a guarantee

One of the popular extenders, the effectiveness of which has been tested by thousands of satisfied users.

1) Features, advantages, the principle of operation

Physiology at the core of SizeGenetics action

As early as 1969, a stretching method for building new tissue was developed in surgery. To date, this technique is in demand in dentistry when installing bracket systems to align the dentition, in the treatment of burns when building new skin.

How does it Work?

The principle of action of extenders for the penis is based on the physiological response of the body to a strong load, stretching the tissue. When the cells experience an excessive tensile force, the membranes break, and micro-ruptures form in the tissues. Their thickness is not more than a quarter of the thickness of the paper sheet, so the patient does not feel pain. But, nevertheless, the body stimulates their healing and new layers of cells are formed at the site of the microfracture.

SizeGenetics Features

Developed in the early 2000s by a professor of medicine, Dr. J. Siana, SizeGenetics has been successfully sold to this day. This simple and convenient model, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by clinical trials, helps millions of men get rid of:

  • penile dysmorphophobia – dissatisfaction with size;
  • micropenis (starting from 4 cm in a non-erect state);
  • congenital curvature;
  • fibrotic formations due to Peyronie’s disease.

In addition, users note that due to improved blood circulation, indicators of erectile function are much higher.

Tru Benefits and Fantastic Results

SizeGenetics is one of the few extenders that have passed the FDA certification as a medical device. This indicates not only its high quality but also complete safety for the life and health of patients.

2) Materials, warranty, research, specifications

Design Features of SizeGenetics

The penis extender is made of metal and plastic. The base is a plastic thrust ring through which the penis passes when donning the extender. Special rods are attached directly to the ring – extension cords with a spring mechanism and adjusting nuts.

A strap is put on the rods, with the help of which the penis enlargement device is fixed on the shaft of the penis. As for the optional equipment, it may include additional linings and ribbons for the easy wearing of the device, as well as an extended set of extension cords for more precise length adjustment.

Specifications SizeGenetics

The main technical parameters of the device:

  • traction effort – adjustable, up to 2800 g;
  • minimum and maximum length – from 4 cm to 22 cm;
  • usage time – up to 6 hours.


In addition to the safety certificate, the manufacturer offers to use the extender for free if, by fulfilling the conditions and observing the training regime, you will not achieve any results. Only 1000 hours or up to 9 months of use unchanged and you are guaranteed to get back money for the purchase.

SizeGenetics Clinical Study

A clinical study of the use of extenders Effect of Penis Extender in Increasing Penile Size in Men With Shortened Penis fully confirms the fact that the devices have an effective therapeutic effect for patients and can not only increase the length but also increase the girth of the penis.

3) How it works, how to use it, when to wait for results

Discipline – Guaranteed Result

The success of penis extender therapy is highly dependent on the user.

How does it work?

It is necessary for yourself, focusing on the sensations, to adjust the device daily so that you feel a slight tingling in the place of stretching. This is one of the signs that the device is working.

First results(3-5 weeks)

With proper use, the first result can be achieved by the end of 3-5 weeks. On average, it is from 0.2 to 0.6 inches.

4) Components how to assemble

Build SizeGenetics

The extender consists of three main parts: a thrust ring, extension bars, and a silicone strap. Its assembly is not difficult:

  • on the thrust ring, install extension rods;
  • calculate the required length by first measuring the penis in a non-erect state, optimally the length of the rods should be 0.4 inches longer to ensure tension;
  • if necessary, add extension cords from the kit;
  • put the latch strap on the rods, but don’t snap it until you put the extender on the penis for easy donning.

In addition to the strap, SizeGenetics also offers a classic retainer – a silicone loop. If the user selects it, then it is necessary to install the penis bed on the rods and pass a loop through its holes. After that, you can proceed to mount the device on the penis and adjust the tension.

5) How to use what they say about the device

Training Modes and User Opinions

Training mode

It is also important to observe a certain regime. No need to immediately wear an extender 24 hours a day. Start with a little effort and an adaptive period: in the first week, wear the extender for 1-1.5 hours and gradually bring it to 4-5 hours by the end of the first month.

In the following months, the training should last at least 5 hours daily with a gradual increase in effort. Only under such conditions is the result guaranteed.

What customers are saying about SizeGenetics?(Reviews from Reddit, Forums)

There are many rave reviews about the effectiveness of SizeGenetics online and on the official website. Here are some of them published in the popular profile male forum:

Noah, 24: he was able to achieve a build-in of 1.8 inches in six months, now he has a real trump card in bed.

Liam, 48: recommends this model because, despite its age, over 9 months has achieved an increase of 2.1 inches.

Jacob, 56: very sorry that he did not trust the device before, since his first result after 3 months was 0.8 inches and he intends to move on.

Ethan, 33: considers SizeGenetics as the best acquisition for his sexual activity, as after 8 months he achieved an increase of 2.8 inches.

6) Purchase and conclusions

How to Buy SizeGenetics Online(discount)?

The acquisition of an extender is an opportunity to significantly improve your sexuality and increase self-esteem. Indeed, confidence in one’s own abilities and perfection is the most important component of a fulfilling life and sexual activity. SizeGenetics is undoubtedly an effective device that can help solve a complex but feasible task.

Important: the extender is not sold in retail chains or on trading floors. In order to purchase the original device, you need to visit the official SizeGenetics website and use the Order online now button.