Quick Extender Pro – an exclusive mount extender

The principle of operation of the extenders is the same, but they all differ in the way they attach to the trunk of the penis and traction. Quick Extender Pro is a device with its dual mount, unlike any of the modifications.

1) Features, advantages, the principle of operation

Why Choose Quick Extender Pro?

Proven Effective Device

The penis extender is designed for men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis, as well as those who are characterized by the presence of curvature. The basis of the device is the principle of physiological regeneration.

At the time of penis stretching, those cells that are most susceptible to tensile load begin to actively divide, forming new layers of tissue, which thereby increases its volume. Therefore, by twisting the tension force on the extender’s rods, the user independently stimulates the tissue cells of the penis for the active division.

My comment

I want to say that thanks to the design of the Quick Extender Pro, my penis was always in a comfortable state and did not fall out of the loops, because there were two of them.

Plus you will find a variety of memory foams comfort pads included with the device, which provide a pleasant tactile sensation with the delicate tissue of the penis. In addition, these comfort accessories work with memory and adjust to the anatomical features of your penis.

I want to say right away that if you want to achieve maximum results like me (I managed to enlarge the penis by 3 inches in length and 1 inch in width) you need to buy the Deluxe Limited Edition package. It also includes a penis pump. I used it almost daily, creating a powerful erection. It is needed so that the tissues of the penis receive different loads and not just the traction that the device created.

The fact is that in addition to my modest penis size, I also suffer from erectile dysfunction, and for the growth of the penis, it is simply necessary to regularly experience powerful erections so that the tissues of the penis are even better stretched and filled with blood. After all, it is the blood that causes our penis to become erogenous.

Among other things, the Deluxe Limited Edition set includes springs with a maximum pressure level of 4000 g. At first, it seemed to me that this was of no use to me, but I want to enlarge the penis with a very comfortable load of no more than 2500 grams.

But after 3 months of routine, with a constant increase in thrust, I easily reached the figure of 4000 grams and I am glad that I had these springs.

I also want to point out a set of bars of different sizes, which are only in this Quick Extender Pro kit.

For the growth of the penis using an extender, it is important that you set the length of the barbells as accurately as possible, which is why a set with a good extender should include barbells of different lengths.

In addition, you must correctly set and increase the thrust level using the spring screws at the base of the extender. And most importantly, the head of your penis should not fall out of the device design, otherwise, its settings will not help you achieve the result.

Double Support System for Maximum Comfort

The design of the Quick Extender Pro penis enlargement device belongs to the loop classic extender model. But its feature is the special “double control” mount, consisting of two DSS loops (Double Strap Support), which is patented by the manufacturer and is an exclusive development. This mount provides a significant advantage of the model, due to the uniformity of the tension force.

I saw such a system only in this extender and in X 4 Labs, which no longer exists on the market. The fact is that the double attachment prevents the head of the penis from falling out of the loop. This is a common problem with strap or loop extenders ( SizeGenetics , Jes Extender , Pro Extender , Male Edge) .

The Quick Extender Pro doesn’t just offer unique technology, it really works effectively and provides added comfort. After all, if one loop can rub the head of the penis, then two – reduce the impact on one area by 2 times, due to which the penis is securely held and this is considered anatomically correct.

Simple usage

The acquisition of Quick Extender Pro not only simplifies the life of a man who is uncomfortable with the size or curvature of the penis but also:

  • relieves from going to the doctor for a prescription and consultation;
  • prevents the need for an unpleasant examination;
  • allows you to quickly fix the problem, sometimes tormenting the user for years;
  • absolutely safe for life and health.

The principle of operation of such extenders is the same. The Quick Extender Pro has an additional loop for attaching the penis, of course, it is a little more difficult to fasten, but it is more reliable. I only wore the extender for 3 hours a day with a break, i.e. one wearing session took 1.5 hours. It was simply attached to the penis, easily detached when you need to go to the toilet, for example.

At the same time, wearing it in pants is very comfortable – it is lightweight, compact, and did not give me any unpleasant sensations. Just know when you feel uncomfortable – it’s time to take it off. I wore it not only at home but also at work and went with it in the car. It is very versatile. Just try to wear loose pants so that you are comfortable and visually impossible to understand that you have an extender in your pants.

2) Materials, warranty, research, specifications

Key Features Review

Quick Extender Pro is made from medical supplies: high strength steel, plastic, and hypoallergenic silicone.

Design features

The main elements of the extender are:

  • anatomical base – a persistent ring;
  • metal extensions (aluminum) – are attached directly to the base;
  • penis bed – a plastic part that is attached to extension cords;
  • silicone harnesses – are threaded through the holes of the penis bed and form the “double control” fastening system.

The tensile force that the extender can provide is 4000 g.

Medical Review

When developing Quick Extender Pro, the classic loop model was taken as the basis. The addition of an additional loop provides not only comfort but also minimizes pressure and evenly distributes the tension force.

During the development, the reference was the Prospective Study to Test the ‘Efficacy’ and Tolerability of a Penile-Extender Device in the Therapy of ‘Short Penis’ , the results of which indicate that the extender “should be considered as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option for increasing length the shaft of the penis in patients seeking short penis correction. ”

In addition, the manufacturer undertakes to accept the return of the device in the event that the user does not achieve changes during training. The warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase.

3) How it works, how to use it, when to wait for results

How to Achieve Penis Growth Results?

The tension of 4000 g, which is implemented in this modification, allows us to achieve significant results in a short time. The principle of action is based on the activation of the division of those cells that are subject to strong tension.

This is a natural reaction of the body to microfractures of tissues. At the same time, microcracks are quickly filled with new cells, forming layer by layer. At the same time, the user does not feel pain, but only a slight tingling sensation, since the thickness of the gap does not exceed 0.02-0.04 mm.

Nevertheless, such microcracks occurring in the erectile tissues of the penis daily under the influence of an extender provide a reliable and irreversible result in an increase in length.

Users mark the first changes at the end of 3 weeks. They may not be impressive enough – only 0.2 – 0.3 inches since you can not immediately set the maximum load. The main peak of growth usually occurs at 12-16 weeks. In total, you can achieve a 36% increase in length in 6-9 months.

And now the most interesting thing is how to use the extender correctly and how I did it to achieve the result.

At first, having so many spare parts scared me – various rods, springs, comfort pads, tension screws, springs, hinges. Well wow, set! Also a pump in addition. Is this all for my penis? But as a man, it was interesting for me to deal with this device and it turned out to be very easy. I read the instructions and watched the video guide. This was enough for me to customize the device for myself.

What do you need to know?

  1. Initially, set the bar length 5cm longer than the length of your penis, which should not be as relaxed as possible, at least slightly massage it to make it a little larger
  2. Use the minimum thrust settings first, then you will increase it based on your sensations
  3. Wear the device for the first time no more than 30 minutes per session and do 2 sessions
  4. Having put on the device, you must unscrew the tension screws so that you feel a light pull, believe me, it will feel very good over time
  5. Fasten the head of the penis in the loops so that you do not have pressure, but at the same time the penis must be securely fixed in the structure
  6. Massage the penis after each session with the extender. Better yet , use Jelqing techniques to help stretch the penis. It is important that blood circulation is quickly established after wearing the extender

4) Packages review

How to Use Quick Extender Pro(Instruction)

Remove the device from the packaging and assemble its elements in sequence:

  • install extension cords on the sides of the thrust ring;
  • fix the penis bed directly onto the extension cords – a plastic pad with a pair of holes for loops;
  • Thread the silicone harnesses into the paired holes until they form loops.

After that, take a comfortable position and put on the device by threading it into the hole of the thrust ring and loop grip. Make sure that the loops do not appear on the foreskin, as injuries can occur. Tighten the hinges and manually adjust the tension by turning the knurled nuts on the extensions.

Focus on your own feelings. There should be no sharp pain. In the place of stretching, you should feel a slight tingling sensation – this is an indication that the device is installed correctly.

5) How to use what customers say about the device

How to improve the results?

It is very important to correctly distribute the load and be patient while using Quick Extender Pro since the main key to successful therapy is the sequence of actions and the patience of the user himself. Start with minimal usage time and pulling force. Try to increase these indicators every day until you reach the maximum, but at the same time, you will not feel pain.

6) Purchase and conclusions

Quick Extender Pro – inch-by-inch extension

Using a double loopback extender is an option:

  • quickly achieve significant results – up to 40% of the original length in 9 months;
  • change the attitude towards oneself and one’s abilities;
  • increase sexual activity and libido.

The user makes the purchase decision on their own without consulting and a doctor’s prescription. To do this, visit the official website of Quick Extender Pro and place an order using the SHOP button in the upper right corner.

It will transfer to the package selection page. Do not worry about the confidentiality of the package – the manufacturer makes sure that no one except you guesses about the contents of the package.

Important: do not trust the advertisements of dubious distributors, the original device is sold only through the official website. I have described the most important Quick Extender Pro benefits in this review to help you to decide to purchase the device.