This article regulates the relationship between the visitor and representatives of the site, as well as all the information that is presented on this site.
We use certain information that we receive from visitors through coockie in order to improve the performance of the site, as well as the convenience of its work with visitors.

Collection of information
We collect standard information about our visitors using statistics services such as Yandex Metrika. You should be aware that we do not collect any personal data about our users. You do not need to create an account on our website, we do not sell any goods and do not offer any services, except for the standard ability to comment on our publications on the website.

We do not even conduct surveys among our users. The only information we can get is your email address when registering to write comments. You can register with your nickname, we do not require you to enter your real name, date of birth, country and address of residence, phone.

Site Security
We use an SSL certificate and a secure protocol to access our site, which means that it is safe to follow internal links on this resource.

As for external links – we refer only to safe sites, as a rule – to the sites of manufacturers or sellers of tablets or devices. And these are always official sites that are safe to navigate to.

Information on the site
All information on this site was created by professional journalists. They are not doctors or medical professionals. We write recommendation articles that express the author’s own thoughts and are not medical recommendations. We try to provide only the most reliable, verified information, collect data on certain products available in open sources.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on the site, we do not urge you to buy products that we write about without consulting a doctor. You should definitely consult your doctor if you have any health problems.