Phallosan Forte – fast result with comfort 

If you have already thought about phalloplasty, but postoperative complications still push you away from making a decision, pay attention to andrological orthopedics – the Phallosan Forte extender.

Its use will increase the length of the penis and at the same time do no harm to your health.

1) Features, advantages, the principle of operation

Features of Phallosan Forte

The action of the extender does not depend on the intake of tablets and does not require incisions or prosthetics. It is based on the principle of tissue regeneration: if a fiber section is subject to a burst load and microcracks form, then the cells begin to actively divide to eliminate the gap. Thus, the length of the tissue increases due to the growth of new layers of cells.

How does Phallosan Forte works?

An extender worn on the penis stretches erectile tissue. Every day, adding a millimeter of tension and increasing its strength, you stimulate the tissue to increase the length. Moreover, not only the length but also the diameter of the penis increases.

The main advantage of this method is its gentle nature: therapy occurs absolutely without pain and does not cause side effects. In addition, the extender copes not only with a micro- or short penis but is also able to correct congenital or acquired curvature.

Since there are many modifications on the market for such devices, it is important to consider that only Phallosan Forte uses a special vacuum mount, which allows you to stretch not only the trunk but also significantly affects the size of the penis head.

2) Materials, warranty, research, specifications

Design Features and Parameters of Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is not based on general scientific evidence of the effectiveness of extenders. The manufacturer organized his own clinical trial with the involvement of reputable specialists. In January 2005, the results of the ” Prospective study on the effects of a penile stretching system (Phallosan) for penile augmentation in patients with normal sized penises ” were published in several medical journals and contained evidence of an increase in the length of 1.9 inches over 6 months provided use the device 5 hours daily.

Modification Features

The main feature of Phallosan Forte is its innovative fastening method. Unlike strap and loop models, fastening is carried out by the method of vacuum adhesion:

A special gel, a silicone membrane, and only then a vacuum cap is applied to the head. Such a scheme does not squeeze the trunk of the penis and gently acts on the head, contributing to the uniformity of traction.

The maximum tension force created by the extender is 4800 g.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

The extender is a combined device that combines plastic and silicone, which are certified for the production of medical devices.

The manufacturer guarantees hypoallergenicity and biocompatibility of the device and all its elements. If necessary, the return is accepted within 14 days.

3) How it works, how to use it, when to wait for results

Methodology and its results

The most important point of the method of increasing the length of the penis or correcting its curvature is a clear sequence of actions, which provides for a period of adaptation. It is necessary so that the tissues gradually adapt to the loads and there are no tears that require healing.

Use time

Start wearing the extender from 30 minutes to an hour on the first day, taking 10-minute breaks between equal intervals. The same goes for tension adjustment. In no case do not start with maximum load, so as not to discourage the desire to move on.

Just as muscles need to be warmed up before training, so erectile tissue needs to be handled with care. The user’s task is to bring the wearing time to 5 hours within 2-3 weeks and at the same time minimize breaks.

As for the load, you need to focus on your own feelings. If tingling or itching appears at the place of stretching at the time of loading, then everything is done correctly if the pain is felt, then the tension must be loosened.

Phallosan Forte Results(Before/After)

Phallosan Forte is designed for penis lengths from 4 cm. Users mark the first results by the end of the first month when the time of use after the adaptation period is brought to normal. By this time, the gain is usually 0.4-0.5 inches.

4) Components how to assemble

Key elements of Phallosan Forte

The extender includes the following components: a tread cap for the head, a vacuum chamber, an elastic strap for attaching the extender to the hip, shoulder, or waist for a multidirectional load.

When donning, do the following:

  • Apply the gel on the head and put on the cap on top;
  • Apply the gel on the cap and insert the head into the vacuum chamber;
  • create a vacuum using a pump;
  • fasten the elastic strap.

5) How to use what they say about the device

Phallosan Forte Gains

Phallosan Forte is one of the few modifications of extenders that you can safely leave overnight or use during working hours, which greatly simplifies training.

To organize therapy, the manufacturer has developed a special application on the Android platform that disciplines the user and allows you to track the results. Just download it to your smartphone and follow the interface.

In addition to hundreds of positive reviews that can be found on social networks, Phallosan Forte can be found in publications such as the Medical Tribune, an article by Condom pulls penis , or the popular men’s magazine Men’s Health, which has repeatedly published articles on the effectiveness of this device. To date, there are no confirmed negative reviews on the network.

6) Purchase and conclusions

How to Buy Phallosan Forte(discount)

The following points testify in favor of acquiring this extender model:

  • naturalness and painlessness of the method;
  • lack of health risk;
  • the possibility of exposure to the head of the penis;
  • the comfort of use, the ability to use during sleep (if you are used to sleeping on your back or side).

To make a purchase, you do not need to contact a specialized clinic or, feeling embarrassed, visit a pharmacy. Also, you do not need to search for a device on E-Bay sites. The original Phallosan Forte can only be purchased on the official website: for this, use the “Order now” tab in the upper right.

Following the opening pages, select the package and fill in the recipient data. Also, do not worry about the anonymity of the purchase – except for you, no one will guess the contents of your package.