All About The Penis Stretcher: A Device To Safely Correct The Curvature Of The Penis

About 30% of the male population suffers from visible deformity of the penis. At certain stages, apart from a visual defect, a man may not experience any unpleasant sensations. This explains the situation that the representatives of the stronger sex are rarely ready to discuss this problem with the attending physician. But is everything really so safe?

Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, Male Edge, Phalosan Forte, Penimaster PRO review

TOP 5 male penis straighteners 2022

#1. Quick Extender Pro

This model belongs to the rod and has a characteristic feature, which is an innovation of the manufacturer and is not repeated in similar devices. For fastening, two loops are used that hold the extender on the shaft of the penis. The maximum tractive effort is 4000 g.

The advantages include:

  • Ease of construction,
  • Significant parameters of the tensile force;
  • Fastening reliability;
  • Even distribution of effort;
  • Up to 67% of curvature correction for the full course (6 months).

It comes in 4 different packages Deluxe Limited Edition, Value Edition, Deluxe Standard Edition, including a separate Penile Curvature Correction Edition, which differs in price, availability of an assortment of accessories.

The full package price ranges from $ 479 to $ 1399, and on the official website you can often purchase a package with a substantial discount during sales when the price range starts from $ 119 to $ 349. Read our review.

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#2. SizeGenetics

A popular dick straightener that attaches to the shaft of the penis with a wide silicone strap. It is capable of providing a pulling force up to 2800 g.

The advantages of the model include the presence of an FDA approval, confirming the safety of the device, as well as a 120-day manufacturer’s warranty. It is able to almost halve the curvature (up to 46%) for the full course (6 months).

Supplied in 4 different packages: basic, “comfort” with additional accessories, special for curvature correction, and maximum with a full set of extension cords, consumables, including those for eliminating the consequences of Peyronie’s disease.

The full package price ranges from $274 to $499; the official website often offers a package with a substantial discount during sales, when the price range starts from $ 199 to $ 299. Read more about SizeGenetics in the review.

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#3. Male edge

Danish development, a feature of which is the use of plastic components. It is attached to the shaft of the penis with a silicone strap.


  • Extended warranty – up to 1000 hours (or 9 months) of use;
  • Ease of construction;
  • The possibility of using during sleep.

Comes in three kits – Basic ($149.99), Extra (with polyurethane pads) ($174.99), and Pro (Advanced) ($ 199.99), which includes consumables and accessories for a comfortable workout. Male Edge review.

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#4. Phalosan forte

Refers to vacuum penis straightening device with a fundamentally different method of attachment – to the head of the penis using a vacuum cap.

The tensile force is 4800 g (maximum). Due to this fastening, it is optimal for long-term wear – up to 12 hours of use daily is allowed. Able to eliminate up to 47% of penis curvature in a full course.

Comes in one package priced at $379, which includes three sizes of vacuum cap, membranes, clamps, pump, and instructions. Works in the Phalosan plus kit, which contains the extender itself, can be used as a stretcher independently. Phallosan Forte review.

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#5. Penimaster PRO

A universal dick straightening device from a German manufacturer, which is a comprehensive orthopedic system for solving problems with the length and curvature of the penis.

Includes both barbells and vacuum fastening, as well as the possibility of right- and left-hand wearing due to the possibility of attaching an elastic strap. Like a dick straightener, it can create a force up to 1200 g. It can also be used as a hanger with a force up to 7000 g.

Supplied with a set of components and accessories for training with the device: extender, vacuum cap, membranes, adhesive gel and pump for creating a vacuum for 307 €.

You can also purchase a vacuum extender separately for 269 € or an elastic strap with an attachment for the head of the penis – 249 €. Our Penimaster PRO review.

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When bending becomes a problem

In fact, penis curvature is not uncommon. But this does not make it less dangerous. For example, congenital abnormalities can significantly affect the quality of sexual release.

Changing the direction of the penis glans can not only bring pain to the partner, but also to the man himself from the impact on the areas of accumulation of connective tissue. The acquired penis curvature, which is caused by the formation of protein deposits and the proliferation of connective tissue, can cost a man’s health and even his life.

This is due to the fact that the rapid course of a disease such as Peyronie’s disease can contribute to the occlusion of the urethra, not to mention chronic pain of considerable strength.

Therefore, it is quite important for a man to regularly conduct a self-examination to identify pathology and take timely measures to eliminate it, since, in the early stages, minimally invasive methods can be dispensed with, which can be used without risking your health.

Three Ways to Correct Penis Curvature

To correct the curvature of the penis, a man can choose one of three methods, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages.

1. Conservative treatment

It consists of carrying out a surgical operation, which is aimed at excising neoplasms. Promises patients to quickly restore organ functionality.

In practice, “fast” is not carried out at any stage of this method, since it is impossible without:

  • Surveys;
  • Preparatory period before surgery;
  • The operation itself, performed under general anesthesia;
  • The postoperative period with the administration of anesthetics and the use of a stretcher for the penis – as an effective device for the prevention of recurrence, the development of keloid scars, and shortening the length of the penis due to the implementation of incisions and the use of suture material.

2. Herbal supplements, that help to fix a curved dick

These tablets contain a combination of ingredients that help soften fibrosis. They are safe for the human body but require a significant time of administration, as well as strict adherence to the rules for taking the drug for its effectiveness.

The composition includes, as a rule, components that stimulate blood circulation and aphrodisiacs. By themselves, they have much less impact than in combination with each other.

Disciplined adherence to the intake of a biological product can eliminate up to 42% of the curvature of the penis. The disadvantage of this method: a long period of taking the drug.

3. Penis Straightener Device

Quick Extender Pro is used both as an independent agent and in the postoperative period. Its action is based on a special penis traction technology, which allows you to soften fibrous plaques and restore normal blood circulation.

Professor of Medicine Dr. Levine on the effectiveness of penis straighteners

Dr. Laurence Levine, professor of medicine and an internationally renowned male health professional, author of publications and research in urology, believes that the penis stretcher is one of the methods to help avoid surgery.

Despite the fact that penis surgery is one of the leading areas of the professor’s specialization, he remains a supporter of the use of minimally invasive methods in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and other pathologies that cause penile curvature.

As the author of more than forty studies, Dr. Levine focuses on the use of penis straighteners:

“My practice has more than 10,000 successful outcomes of penis curvature therapy, and in 80% of all cases, patients managed to avoid surgery due to the effectiveness of stretchers.

For men, not only the speed of the onset of the effect is important, but also the complete safety of the method. It is thanks to this property that extenders have the right to exist as one of the recognized techniques. “

Basic steps to use a dick straightening device and an overview of the results

The use of a stretcher for the penis has its own characteristics and therefore is divided into two stages – adaptive and basic. Since it is necessary to “teach” the body to load, the first stage should begin with the minimum indicators:

  • Тo more than 30 minutes full session;
  • 2-3 breaks every 10-15 minutes;
  • Break time – 5-10 minutes (depending on the sensations).

It is necessary to gradually increase the training time and shorten the duration of the break.

By the main stage, after a month from the beginning of training, the total time of using the penis straightener should be brought to 6 hours with a minimum number (optimally constant) breaks.

With constant use at least 6 times a week for 6 hours of continuous use, the first significant results are recorded after 4-6 weeks. The maximum possible results – after a full course – 6 months, less often – 9 (depending on the initial state).

The benefits of using a dick straightener

The use of penis stretchers, in the first place, does not pose a risk to the user’s health, it is almost impossible to cause significant injury to them. Also, most of the users are pleased that the extender can be purchased independently, without examinations, visiting a clinic, and talking with a doctor.

In addition, it is medically proven to be effective both for lengthening the penis and for correcting curvature of any origin. The possibilities of curvature correction in different models vary from 46 to 67%. The range of models allows you to choose the best option.

The main advantages of penis straighteners:

  • Availability (in contrast to the operation, its price is ten times lower);
  • The possibility of self-purchase;
  • Application without visiting the clinic and passing unpleasant examinations;
  • Efficiency up to 67%;
  • Possibility of reuse;
  • No need for lifestyle changes or a break in professional activity during therapy.

The main differences between different models

All models of penis straighteners are conventionally divided into two groups – rod and vacuum. The conventionality of the division is that vacuum models can also contain extensions in their design.

The main difference is the fastening principle, which affects the capabilities of the model. Barbells are attached to the shaft of the penis directly under the glans with a loop or silicone strap.

Vacuum – using a special chamber for the head of the penis. An elastic strap can be attached to such a chamber for multidirectional loading or additional weights for using the stretcher as a hanger.

Vacuum Erection Device(VED) – HydroXtreme

To correct the curvature of the penis, you can also use the revolutionary Vacuum Erection Device – HydroXtreme. This is a penis pump that does not use air to create a vacuum, like pumps from a sex shop, but warm water.

This effect provides:

  • Relaxation of erectile tissues;
  • Maximum filling of cavernous bodies with blood;
  • Restoration of natural blood circulation in places where fibrosis develops;
  • Softening and gradual resorption of protein formations.

You can use a hydraulic pump both independently and alternating it with training with an extender. Together, they form a complex system in which the extender stretches the damaged tissue, and the hydraulic pump restores the natural blood flow, providing the fastest results possible.

Important: you should not try to save money and buy cheap analogs from dubious manufacturers. This is especially true for air pumps, which can cause injury.

Topics in Brief: Three Questions About Penis Straighteners

When does penis traction help?

This technology is quite versatile and can solve problems such as insufficient length and curvature of the penis. Also, this technology is in demand as a method of preventing keloid scars in the postoperative period of phalloplasty, falloprosthetics.

Are there health risks?

The use of the extender does not carry any risk to the user’s health, since it does not penetrate into the body. The structure and plastic parts of the device do not contain harmful substances. In the production of the stretcher, materials used in medical devices are used that are compatible with the human body and do not pose a threat even with prolonged contact.

What do the doctors say?

In the practice of urology and operative andrology, extenders are used as an independent device or as part of complex therapy, as one of the stages that indicate the body’s responsiveness to treatment and can prevent the need for surgery. For example, a professor of medicine, Dr. Lawrence Levine, in his practice of treating Peyronie’s disease, claims that 80% of his patients who begin therapy with an extender do not need surgery after a full course.

10) What are the parameters for choosing the best device? (quality, guarantee, technology, accessories, reviews)

How to Choose the Right Penis Straightening Device?

Since there are a lot of models and manufacturers of penis straightening devices, users may have difficulties in choosing the best option. Therefore, when choosing a stretcher, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Quality – the responsible manufacturer will indicate the composition of the materials used in the manufacture of the device, as well as the availability of safety certificates;
  • Warranty – the longer the warranty and the possibility of returning the device, the more preferable this option is for the user, as well as confirmation of the high degree of responsibility of the manufacturer to the client for the efficiency and quality of the product;
  • Technology – in this matter, it is worth relying on your own preferences and training time, if used during sleep is a priority, then it is optimal to choose a vacuum model;
  • Accessories – the wider the set of accessories, the more accurately you can select the optimal load parameters, so it is better not to save at this point, since buying accessories separately is quite an expensive pleasure;
  • Reviews – if the opinions of users on the model’s website are not convincing enough, then you can search for them in popular social networks and personal blogs, an effective model, as a rule, has more than enough of them, including illustrated ones.

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