Penimaster PRO – Maximum Opportunity for a New Size

Sooner or later, every third man thinks about the imperfection of his own penis, depriving not only sleep but also self-confidence.

But this is definitely not a reason for despair and radical measures. All problems can be solved by the Penimaster PRO device. In this review, we will discover all the PROS and CONS.

1) Features, advantages, the principle of operation

How do Penimaster PRO works?

The purchase of this penis enlargement extender is a 100% guarantee of the result due to the fact that the device combines the functions of several devices designed to increase the length of the penis or eliminate its curvature. It can be used as:

  • vacuum extender – a penis extender with a head mount that distributes tension from the base to the tip of the penis;
  • Stretcher – a device for pulling by attaching an elastic belt to the vacuum chamber, the user can change the direction of tension, fixing the device at the waist, over the shoulder or on the thigh;
  • hanger – a device designed for hanging from a cargo head (designed for up to 7000 g).

The principle of operation of this device is based on physiological processes taking place in the body at the time of the formation of micro-fractures caused by the force of tension. At the time of stretching under the influence of traction of the extender, belt, or load, the cells of the tissue of the penis break.

Thus, their active division is stimulated to regenerate the micro-fracture site. Since the gap thickness is negligible, the user does not experience pain. But the daily addition of new layers of cells provides an increase in the length of up to 1 mm daily.

2) Materials, warranty, research, specifications

What is it made of?

In the manufacture of Penimaster PRO, biocompatible materials are used, given that the device is designed for long-term contact with delicate skin areas. The device has certificates of compliance with international and European safety standards.

Pull force

The tension provided by the vacuum extender is from 200 g to 1200 g, but since the device can be used as a hanger with parameters up to 7000 g, the effectiveness of using the device is much higher relative to modifications from other manufacturers.

Proof of Efficiency

The latest Penile traction therapy device efficacy study with the new device ‘Penimaster PRO’ is effective and safe in the stable phase of Peyronie’s disease: a controlled multicentre study, published in 2018, contains data on the results of not only penis extension, but also corrections its curvature.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

The manufacturer guarantees a refund within 1 month from the date of purchase, including the cost of delivery.

3) How it works, how to use it, when to wait for results

How does it work? Real Results(Before/After)

Thanks to the use of vacuum adhesion technology, Penimaster PRO is quite easy to put on, but at the same time, the delicate skin of the head does not come into contact with the solid elements of the extender.

Mounting is carried out on the principle of a latex glove when the membrane adheres tightly to the scalp, it is quite difficult to remove without removing the vacuum.

At the same time, this technology provides a long period of continuous use – up to 1-1.5 hours, while other models require a break every half hour. The design involves training at any time of the day. You can also wear it during working hours under trousers or jeans.

The estimated time of use of the device should be at least 3 hours. But, since the vacuum technology provides sufficient comfort, it is allowed 9-12 hour workouts with short breaks.

This mode provides consistent results even with three hours of use. As a rule, 1 month is characterized by an increase in the length of up to 10% of the initial value.

4) Components of how to assemble

Design and materials

The complete Penimaster PRO package includes:

  • rod extender – a persistent ring and extenders fixed on it, connected by a plastic upper platform;
  • a vacuum anatomical chamber for the head with a ring for fastening the membrane;
  • auxiliary elements – pump, membranes, adhesive gel;
  • elastic strap.

In order to put on the device, it is necessary to put one membrane on the vacuum chamber, and the second on the removable ring so that, having threaded it in the opposite direction, fasten it on the vacuum chamber. After that, the ring is also attached to the camera.

Next, you need to create a vacuum by attaching the pump to a special valve. After that, the head of the penis is inserted into the chamber and secured with a vacuum using a pump and a check valve. In this position, the head skin is in contact only with the membrane.

With the next movement, you need to pass the penis with the vacuum chamber into the hole of the thrust ring with the rods and fix the extender to the check valve, and the upper platform mounted on the extensions.

5) How to use what they say about the device

Features and Benefits Review

Penimaster PRO does a great job not only as a penis extender. It has also been successfully applied:

  • in postoperative practice after phalloplasty to prevent the development of scars and loss of length;
  • for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease;
  • when correcting the curvature of the penis due to trauma or congenital pathology.

Among the specialists using Penimaster PRO in their medical practice, the following can be distinguished:

  • Kambiz Tajkarimi (US)- notes the safety and comfort of this device, as evidenced by the patients of the specialist;
  • Ruslan Petrovich (RU)- tested the device on itself and was amazed at its ability to use for 3 hours already in the first session without a break, despite the strong tension;
  • Timo Spanholtz (DE) – uses this penis extender in postoperative practice to eliminate the risk of scarring, the maximum age of his patient is 74 years, the maximum result noted in medical practice is + 11.5 cm in 12 months.

6) Purchase and conclusions

My Final Penimaster PRO review

With its versatility and ease of use, this device is a leader among penis extenders. This market position is explained by the following advantages:

  • ease of construction;
  • the possibility of use both during the day and at night;
  • proven and safe for health;
  • donning speed;
  • exposure to the entire length of the penis at the same time.

How to buy Penimaster PRO(discount)?

To purchase Penimaster PRO, you need to contact only the official website, as this is not only a guarantee of the purchase of the original product but also a 100% guarantee of return if the device does not suit the user.

To place an order, click the Shop button and go to the store page to select a package or the necessary product and click on it. Then it remains to fill out only the recipient’s data and form of payment, be patient and wait for the delivery of the package, which with its appearance will not give out the contents.