Exceptional classics and impeccable work – everything is like a Swiss watch movement, this is a Danish development – Jes Extender . It is not just the most stylish penis traction device. This is the first device of this type on the market to be developed by DanaMedic.

What else has been invented since that time? 20 years have passed – and the technique has remained the same, moreover, only marketing has changed, but the essence is the same. This is a 2021 Jes Extender Review, that shows the newest facts and technologies that help to enlarge a penis these days.

Penis traction is a technology whereby significant penis enlargement can be achieved through the growth of tissue cells in the penis, which are under the influence of traction. It provokes micro-tears in tissues that are filled with new cells. Thus, tissue growth occurs, who calls it scarring. But you see the result.

What is important for the successful operation of this technology. Jes Extender provides all aspects that should matter to you and is definitely necessary for the growth of penis tissue:

  • Correct rod length. Jes Extender comes in different barbell sizes. The correct selection of the length of the rods is of paramount importance for the correct adjustment of the extender operation
  • Quality springs and tension adjustment screws. It is a very precise mechanism that works perfectly and keeps the original setting. It is the tension that influences the growth efficiency of the penis tissue. Over time, you should increase it so that the fabric does not get used to the same load.
  • Materials in Jes Extender are used only of the highest quality, medical, hypoallergenic. Many men have a certain reaction to the materials from which the extender is made. So Jes Extender is suitable for everyone, does not cause irritation and it is definitely a medical device.
  • Pulls are possible 1200, 2000, and 2800 grams – enough to enlarge the penis up to 3 inches long and 1 inch wide
  • In Jes Extender is everything for comfort – soft straps to hold the head of the penis
  • Accessories for extra comfort – Protection pad, No-Slip protect

Features of Jes Extender

When we talk about features, I immediately want to say about the premium nature of the extender itself. Despite the fact that in its assortment there is a Jes Extender package of Light, Original, Titan, which are budgetary ( $ 199 .99- $ 249.99 ).

There is a Gold version for $ 349 and even Platinum for $ 1000. The materials in the last two versions are exclusive. The Gold version uses 24-karat gold as a plating. The package includes Cohesive gauze and a Velcro strap.

In the Platinum version, all metal parts are finished in platinum. Moreover, it is certified platinum and its use in the design is officially confirmed. Of course – in this version, you can find absolutely all accessories for comfort and efficiency.

As a user, I want to say that the JES Extender is the only device on the market that offers Premium quality and gold and platinum-plated extender options. This is not only someone’s whim but also a tribute to quality things. You can use the 4th iPhone, but for some reason, you are buying the 12th, and all because many of us men prefer the highest quality devices made from the best materials and truly exclusive.

Do penis extender work?

The main functions of extenders in all packages are the same, while the quality of materials affects the flawlessness and durability of the work. It’s like a Swiss watch – you pay for the name, image and perfection in work. The same premium to JES Extender.

To be honest, I have the Original package and I am happy with its content. There are straps and silicone tubes included to make a loop that will hold the head of the penis.

At the same time, I immediately bought additional accessories for comfort, which I recommend to you. The fact is that when using the extender, there are no unnecessary accessories for comfort. They are really in short supply all the time, as they are made of soft materials to provide the desired comfort.

I am really satisfied with the results received in 6 months.

So, right on the Jex Extender website when purchasing the maximum package, except for Gold and Platinum, order:

  1. Protection Pad – I recommend 2 more. since they often deteriorate
  2. Cohesive gauge – a couple of pieces. This bandage helps prevent the penis from slipping out of the loop or belt. Just wrap it 2-3 times around the head of the penis and put on a loop or strap from above.
  3. Alternatively, I also recommend buying No-slip protection. Increases the width of the penis when used, which allows for better interaction with the loop or strap attachment. I used this accessory most often.

I emphasize once again – that when buying any extender, try to also buy accessories for comfortable use of the device. Take several positions at once, as they can deteriorate quite quickly, and always use them. The difference is palpable and this applies to just the same classic rod extender models such as the Jes Extender.

Why is it exclusive and unique?

Jes Extender is the only penis enlargement device that has been certified and recommended by many different patients and medical institutes. The results you get with this extender are officially confirmed.

There have been many different studies that have proven the effectiveness of the device. You can find them on the British Journal of Urology website. It is the most authoritative publication in the field of urology and Jes Extender has received the highest accolades for his impeccable work.

Before and After results documented

So, today you will find all kinds of devices on the market that promise to stretch your penis. Some of them – vacuum ones, such as Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte promise to hold the head of your penis for stretching using a special vacuum chamber.

This is actually a good way to provide an anatomically correct level of comfort. The head of the penis, which is attached to the Jes Extender with a silicone loop or silicone strap, is held securely, but on the other side, the penis is suggested to be held with an elastic strap. This is not the best way to get results.

The rigid construction of the Jes Extender allows you to stretch the tissues of the penis much more effectively. A barbell structure with stiffness springs is the best way to stretch the tissues of the penis. Even if it is not always comfortable and you can use the device for 1.5-2 hours per session, it gives a fairly quick result.

Note that the Jes Extender technology was copied by almost all known devices, but since they are all copies or modifications of the main technology, they cannot be as effective. Somewhere there are problems with the quality of materials, somewhere – in the durability of the structure.

I have reviewed my personal results, so now you’ve got proof of Jes Extender’s effectiveness.

What results can you achieve with Jes Extender?

This is the most interesting and I will tell you frankly – I have been using this device for several months, albeit not constantly since I test different devices. I can say that I am satisfied with both the quality of traction and the level of comfort that can be achieved.

What is important – immediately order the Titanium package as I did. It contains all the important accessories for comfort. Believe me, these are very necessary things, since it became the main task for me to reduce the friction of the loop or strap with the head of the penis. And all because such attachments are still associated with friction, to which the mucous membrane of the head of the penis reacts very strongly.

That is, on the one hand, this design gives a good and quick result. On the other hand, you need to constantly improve the level of comfort, since the Jes Extender has a complete set of necessary accessories for this.

It’s just that some men ignore it, but later on, you even run the risk of refusing to use the extender, because you will think that wearing it is associated with pain and side effects. But in fact, this problem occurs only for those who do not use 100% of the company’s accessories.

I managed to achieve significant results that I want to tell you about

1 use and 1 week is the most critical time. Many men give up after the first contact with this type of extender. All this is due to incorrect settings. In addition, many men only read the instructions and do not watch videos at all, and do not listen to advice from real users.

But this is the most important thing! Official recommendations are usually very general and there are always details that users themselves can better tell.

After a week, you get used to the load, the penis already understands this load and you are less distracted by thoughts and do not feel discomfort. This is the time when you realize that there is nothing special about wearing an extender.

Understand – using an extender is something unusual and extraordinary moment in life. But if you performed the operation, you would understand that this is just a disaster.

And the use of an extender recommended by doctors and not causing side effects if used correctly is normal and hundreds of thousands of men all over the world use extenders and many achieve results.

I saw the first result after 1.5 months – it was an increase in the penis by 1 inch. This immediately changes your perception of the work done and the extenders.

You can see that this works by example. Such motivation energizes men, so if you don’t get results in the first 2-3 months, then you give up. Only those who know and understand the principle of penis traction can withstand it. Constant pressure on the tissue provokes its growth.

After 3-4 months my result doubled, I also used other extenders, but the same principle. In the general routine, Jes Extender completely suited me and gave a result.

Let’s take another look at what the final result of Jes Extender is :

  1. Penis enlargement up to 3 inches long and 1 inch wide
  2. Straightening the penis with a slight curvature
  3. Strengthening erection
  4. Improving erectile ability
  5. Enhancing sexual stamina
  6. Increased libido

All this is a consequence of constantly working on stretching the penis. You should know that penis traction allows not only to stretch the tissue, straighten it, but also stimulates blood flow to the penis, which has a positive effect on strengthening your erection.


A classic extender like Jes Extender is the basic thing that is now surrounded by marketing, new developments, all those chips that competitors are trying to use to disguise the same basis – stretching the penis with the original Jes Extender mechanism.

I recommend this device for those who want to get guaranteed results and want to buy an original device.

Jes Extender Guide, Review and Results, that You Never Seen ElsewhereSteeve JohnsonPenis extendersExceptional classics and impeccable work - everything is like a Swiss watch movement, this is a Danish development - Jes Extender . It is not just the most stylish penis traction device. This is the first device of this type on the market to be developed by DanaMedic. What else has been invented...Penis extenders, that really work