Answering the question “Do extenders work?” I will be confident, as I have used 9 different extenders as a journalist and as a user over the past 12 months.

I had such an opportunity, as I am well versed in extenders. But it all started with the fact that I, just like you, wanted to use an extender to increase the penis, at least by 1 inch. I really missed it, as it seemed to me.

Just like any man, I would like to enlarge my penis as much as possible in order to gain confidence in my abilities and start satisfying women in sex with a real vaginal orgasm.

Graduating from medical school and the faculty of urology, I more than specifically imagined how penis traction technology works. But I just had to try the extender on myself. My first device was the JES Extender.

And after 3 months of use, I saw the growth of the penis and I no longer asked myself if the extenders were working, now I wanted to know how much I could enlarge my penis and if this could somehow negatively affect my erection or sexual functions.

This fear haunted me. Agree, it is very unusual to stretch your penis. Are there those among your friends who actually did this? I’m sure not. All this was very unusual, taken out of the context of ordinary life. Yes, there are penis enlargement surgeries as well as breast augmentation surgeries.

And people think that if you go for such an operation, it is normal, but if you use a special extender that naturally enlarges the penis, is it not normal?

They just don’t understand it, they don’t talk about it, and very few people know that it works. In this review, I will tell you about my experience, how different extenders differ, how they work, and what results can be achieved. I will also answer the most frequently asked questions about the work of extenders and present interesting research in the field of penis stretching techniques.

So, let’s start with a description of the principle of operation of penis traction technology, which is used by all extenders without excluding.

Simply put, it is a way of stretching the tissues of the penis. Due to the constant pull, its strength and the time it lasts, the tissue begins to respond to external influences.

In this case, cravings provoke micro-tears of tissues, when this happens, the process of cell division begins to fill the gap. This is how tissue works and scarring is a completely normal process that leads to tissue elongation. Moreover, on an ongoing basis.

Is the scar tissue the same as normal tissue? It is absolutely, visually indistinguishable. Moreover, the quality of such fabric is absolutely normal and natural. This is natural penis enlargement. After all, an erection is the flow of blood into the tissue of the penis, if the tissue gets longer, your erection gets bigger. Your penis can accept more blood.

Penis traction technology not only leads to tissue growth but also improves the quality of erection. The blood vessels also stretch and due to constant traction, the blood flow improves. As a result, you not only stretch the tissue of the penis but also improve the erection necessary to fill the reservoirs of blood in the penis.

To begin with, penis traction has been medically proven. It works and is used by eminent doctors all over the world. Today you will find many different studies that prove the effectiveness of naturally stretching the penis.

Do penis extenders work? Clinical proofs

So, if you are looking for clinical evidence of the effectiveness of extenders, then a study published on May 10, 2010, in the British Journal of Urology presented the results of testing 16 men under the age of 47 years. These patients used the extender for 12 months with sufficient regularity for approximately 4-6 hours per day.

According to the results, the average penis size in men using the extender increased by 2.8 inches. On average, length increased by 18%, with the most impressive results being an increase of 32%. At the same time, erection improved by about 36%.

This study proved the fact that the penis can grow naturally in length and width in both erect and relaxed states.

Another study published in the Canadian Journal of Phalloplasty sounded the numbers – men using an extender increased their penis by an average of 32%. But what is most interesting – for the first time it was medically proven that the width of the penis also increases in proportion to the length.

At the same time, the study itself was conducted on men for 5 months, although patients had to wear an extender for 5-8 hours a day. This study once again proved the improvement in the quality of the erection of those who use it.

A study published at the Scandinavian Surgery Clinic in Copenhagen aimed to investigate the effect of a penis stretcher device on the length and width of the penis. It was presented on April 6, 1998, in Barcelona at an international symposium.

For this study, 18 patients were used. However, they used the extender for up to 12 hours a day for 24 weeks. The average penis height was 1.9 inches.

And this is far from the last study that was conducted using extenders like the JES Extender, and they all confirmed the effectiveness of penis growth without surgery.

So, my own user experience and research results confirm the very fact of penis growth. For my part, I am ready to submit my own photos with the result before and after. I think this is the most convincing thing I can do for you.

How do different extenders work differently?

Well first of all let’s talk about the 2 main types of extenders that are on the market and that you can trust.

1 type of extenders is a rod with a strap mount

2nd type of extenders – vacuum ones, which use a vacuum chamber to hold the head of the penis and a belt that is wrapped around the belt, over the shoulder or knee.

The 2nd type is also combined. Those. on the one hand, the head of the penis is held in place with a vacuum chamber, and on the other, traction is provided with bars and tension screws.

It is believed that the combined type is the most convenient, safe, comfortable, and effective. Extenders such as Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte Plus can provide loads up to 7000 grams, or up to 2500 grams real.

Why real? Because I tried to set and increase the load and, to be honest, even as an experienced user, it is simply impossible to withstand a thrust over 2500 grams. Especially for a long period of time.

What results can you achieve?

So, with the help of modern and comfortable extenders that are being developed by German scientists, you can achieve penis growth up to 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. We are talking about the Penimaster PRO Complete Set and Phallosan Forte Plus extenders.

Probably no other extender can boast of such efficiency. I tried different ones and these 2 just won me over. Why?

  1. They can be used even while sleeping, although not for a long amount of time.
  2. They have a sufficient level of comfort, and the materials are as soft as possible for comfortable use. Yes, they are more likely to tear, but these are consumables, the main thing is that it is convenient for you to wear the extender, otherwise you risk feeling pain and even see side effects, such as rupture of capillaries and hematomas
  3. These extenders are developed in German laboratories, approved by European medical centers and recommended by doctors. Just look at how many medical publications have written about them and confirmed their effectiveness.
  4. Every device is sold with a quality guarantee
  5. Included with each device – there are different types of spare parts that turn the device into a multifunctional extender for stretching the penis

Frequently asked questions about the work of extenders

Will the extender work for me and how do I use it?

According to the instructions, you should not doubt the effectiveness of the device if you choose one of the top brands such as Phallosan Forte , Penimaster PRO , Quick Extender Pro , SizeGenetics , Male Edge

What is the best way to use the device and how to plan a routine?

The instructions are standard for everyone, you should be guided by your sensations and stretch the penis gently, increasing traction and wearing time

How effective is using an extender while sleeping?

So, you can only use vacuum ones, since during sleep you can turn incorrectly and damage the penis. At night, the extender is as effective as during the day, only you do not need to be distracted by wearing it


So, extenders really work, I was convinced of this by my example. I mean, I have not used any other methods for penis enlargement other than stretching. And the result grew steadily.

But at some point, you will see that the results do not move, which means you have reached the limit of growth. This does not mean that you will no longer be able to enlarge your penis, but you will definitely need either another extender or another method. Possibly a penis pump or pill.