A variety of penis extension devices: everything you need to know about extenders

Penis Extender: what do you need to know?

Is my penis too small? The situation is exacerbated by the increasing incidence of various pathologies that cause the development of curvatures when the penis changes the angle of inclination during an erection.

To correct the length, diameter, and shape of the penis, medicine offers many methods: from minimally invasive to radical intervention in the form of phalloplasty or prosthetics.

Technology basics review

Penis traction is one of the methods developed at the end of the last century. The technique is based on the physiological response of the body to stretching, therefore it is the most natural and less traumatic.

Its essence is as follows: when the tissue experiences a tensile load with the formation of microcracks, the regenerative function contributes to their rapid healing by the method of adding new layers.

The advantage of this method is that there is practically no pain, fibrotic scars do not develop, and the result is characterized by constancy. The principle of operation of a penis extender, an orthopedic device designed to increase the length of the penis and correct its curvature, is based on this technique.

Which Penis Extender Gives the Best Results?

Top Rated Penis Extenders, that Users Trust

There are enough models on the market for these devices. When choosing, you must take into account the fact that the original, as a rule, can only be purchased on the official website.

If you meet the name of the model on sites such as E-Bay, Amazon, then this is a fake popular model.

#1. Quick Extender Pro

It is a loop model with a special type of fastening, which is carried out by two loops located at a short distance from each other.

It is distinguished by its strength and lightness of construction since the device rods are made of aluminum. The pulling force is up to 4000 g. The possibility of correcting the curvature is realized. Read the review.

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#2. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a strap penis extender with metal rods providing a force of 2800 g, a multidirectional load is provided by rotary nuts that are attached to the base.

This is the most popular device, that was presented to the public 10 years ago. You can use a lot of the accessories for safety and comfort available.

If you read any male enhancement forums, most of the men use this penis stretcher to get fast and impressive results.

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#3. Phallosan Forte

It is a penis stretching device with vacuum fastening technology and advanced functionality (Plus version), the optimal model for eliminating curvature due to the minimum size and the possibility of multidirectional traction, suitable for use during sleep, invisible under clothes, the traction force is 4800 g.

Phallosan Forte is a German breakthrough and this is the most unique technology available on the market today. It’s really easy to use, it causes no pain or discomfort, all the materials are soft and medically proven to be safe and allergen-free.

I would recommend using the Phallosan Forte for beginners. They will need to use it longer than strap penis stretchers, but it helps to follow the penis enlargement routine without any discomfort.

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#4. Penimaster Chrome

It’s a German-made strap-on penis stretcher. It is characterized by a small pulling force in 1150. It is distinguished by an anatomical shape and a special spring mechanism.

I would call this device a real solution for those men, who want to find the best strap-based penis extenders, that uses rods and spring mechanism to stretch the penis safely.

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#5. Penimaster PRO

This is a vacuum penis stretcher with advanced functionality that can be used as a stretcher (stretcher) and a hanger (assumes the ability to suspend a load).

The Penimaster PRO traction force of the extender is 1150 g, the hanger is designed for weight up to 7000 g.

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#6. Male Edge

It’s a rod penis enlargement device, made entirely of plastic, characterized by ease of construction and ease of use. Bollard pull is 2800 g.

Male Edge is an all-in-one device, that you don’t need to assemble and configure. Simply choose the length of the bars, set up the desired tension level and you’re ready for penis stretching.

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#7. ProExtender

It is one of the first devices that are considered classics, which has not lost its relevance to this day. Fastening is carried out using a loop.

The pulling force is 1500 g. It copes well not only with the tensile function but also corrects the curvature.

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My own experience and results

I have personally tried 9 penis extenders in the last year. I was able to do this because I am a medical journalist and companies themselves are interested in me being honest about the effectiveness of their devices. Otherwise, I would have to pay $ 2500 for all devices.

All this was very useful since the question of increasing for me was in the first place. I’m only 38 years old and take my sex life very seriously. I am not married and at this time I have several girls with whom I do not have a very good relationship precisely because of problems in my sex life.

I set myself a goal – to use extenders to my advantage and enlarge my penis in a natural way.

What confused me? Better ask – what did not bother me. Fear and a lot of questions just bombarded me. I am quite good at cars and I was not afraid to get acquainted with new devices.

At first glance, they look simple and the systems of their work were clear to me almost immediately. But each of the top-end devices had its own characteristics, and the main thing is to use extenders on the most delicate part of your body – your genitals.

And this is a big responsibility, big risks, and a lot of doubts. Probably, these devices are designed for the most daring men. But to be honest, I wasn’t like that. I was afraid even to meet a girl, to approach her or to speak. It was difficult for me to show her my penis, I was afraid to see the surprise on her face when I entered her.

I tried my best to satisfy any of my sexual partners, but I was poorly successful. I tried different sex positions for men with small penises, but in the end, I could only achieve one thing – clitoral orgasm.

I realized that such penis extenders can also be used by men who have already endured and suffered humiliation from girls and friends about the size of their penis. I didn’t just want to improve my sex life, I wanted to radically change everything, the only thing I didn’t agree to was an operation. Never! This is not for me.

If there is any way to naturally enlarge the penis, I was ready for it. I understood that the pills would not help me in any way, that all this was nonsense. Penis traction technology has inspired me. Stretching the tissues of the penis, dividing cells that grow in order to close micro-tears in the tissues. It all looked natural. And the main thing is that this technology is about 20 years old and it has not changed much.

Indeed, there are even extenders that work according to the long-standing principle – stretching the penis with weights. In fact, this method is considered the most effective, but also the most dangerous because of the risks of choosing the wrong weight. I’m talking about the Penimaster PRO Weight Expander.

But let’s get back to simpler and more understandable constructs. So, I know your questions:

  1. Which penis extender gives the best results?

The answer will be quite simple – exactly the one that is right for you based on your wishes, your experience, preferences, goals, your level of comfort and the routine that you choose for yourself. You can’t go wrong if you choose one of the extenders I’m talking about in this article. Everything else is your own preference.

  1. How to choose an extender for yourself?

If you want quick results, then you need to buy a classic extender that is attached with a belt or loop. Such extenders cannot be worn for too long because of the resulting discomfort, but on the other hand, it is precisely such extenders that give a high tension force and are able to hold it for a long time.

This approach provides quick results. As a rule, strap-mounted extenders are difficult to hide under clothing and are more commonly used at home or when traveling.

If your goal is to get the result, but for a longer period of time, but with comfort, then vacuum extenders such as Phallosan Forte or Penimaster PRO will definitely suit you.

These devices are unique on the market and there are only 2 of them. The head is held here using a special vacuum chamber, where the head of the penis is placed. But in a condom, so that there is no direct vacuum.

On the other hand, it is attached to the base of the penis using a special strap. At the same time, the tension remains dynamic – this is not as effective as constant traction with a barbell extender, but you can even sleep with such an extender.

Basically, it all depends on your penis stretching program. If you stick to wearing the extender all the time, if you tune it, if you feel comfortable, you will achieve good results.

  1. Side effects, what can they are, and how to avoid them?

Improper use of the extender is a way to get side effects. And vice versa – if you follow the instructions, listen to your feelings – you will never feel discomfort.

  1. Do I need something else besides an extender to get the result?

Of course, I also recommend using the HydroXtreme penis pump, you can use Jelqing techniques to stretch your penis with your hands, I also took VigRx Plus penis enlargement pills. All of this helps to make the penis enlargement program complex.

When you come to the gym, you don’t use just one machine. You change them, just like the number of approaches, weight. But you also won’t get good results in gaining muscle mass if you don’t take protein, creatine, amino acids.

The situation is similar to penis enlargement. Different types of load – pumping and stretching with the help of a device and with the help of hands, plant extracts that contribute to a strong erection. These are all-natural ways to enlarge your penis that I recommend using.

The design of the penis enlargement device consists of a base, adjustable rods, and attachments to the barrel or head. Depending on the type of attachment to the trunk of the penis enlargement devices models are the following varieties:

  • Loopback – fastening with a silicone loop at the base of the head;
  • Strap – the role of the fastener is performed by a silicone strap having a larger girth than the loop;
  • Vacuum – attached to the penis using a vacuum chamber directly behind the head.

In addition, the models differ in functionality: the ability to suspend cargo or provide differently directed traction, which is especially important for correcting the curvature.

Each design of the penis extender involves a fundamentally different mount of the device on the penis trunk and has its advantages and disadvantages, but at the same time, the therapeutic effect on the organ is preserved and the result is achieved.

What are the most common questions about penis stretchers?

Is there medical evidence for the effectiveness of the penis extender?

Authoritative medical publications in their libraries with free access contain many research results with the results of the use of extenders. One of the most extensive is considered Non ‐ invasive methods of penile-Extender, conducted by doctors of medicine.

Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero at the University of Turin (Italy) in 2009-2010.
The same conclusions from the previous study include testing of the Effect of Penile ‐ Extender in Increasing Penile Size in Men with Shortened Penis extender, published in 2011.

The 2018 Penile Traction Therapy Is Effective and Safe in the Stable Phase of Peyronie’s Disease study confirms the effect of using the extender not only in increasing length but also in correcting curvature due to Peyronie’s disease.

Can I purchase the best penis extender by myself?

Despite the fact that the device belongs to the category of medical, the user does not need to apply for a prescription from a doctor.

How long does it take to achieve a result and when can you see the first changes
It is impossible to name an unambiguous figure since it depends not only on the desired result, but also on the lifestyle, health status, and discipline of the user.

The average figure is an increase of 30% of the initial length for 4-6 months, provided that they are worn daily for at least 5-6 hours. The first changes are recorded in a period of 1-3 months and range from 0.3 to 0.5 inches from the original length.

Can I use a penis enlargement device at work or while sleeping?

Not all models are suitable for wearing discreetly or without discomfort during sleep. Vacuum extenders are generally less visible under clothing. For straps or loops, loose-fitting clothing or a size larger is required.

As for night rest, it all depends on the nature of sleep, if the user sleeps restlessly, it is better not to use an extender at this time.

My Before and After results pictures

No, you will not be able to return to the original size, since when stretched with an extender in the erectile tissues, microcracks form, filled by the body with new layers of cells. Therefore, when you stop using the device, the length of the penis will not return to its original size.

Will a Penis Extender Help with Peyronie’s Disease?

Yes, clinical trials have proved the effectiveness of using extenders for curving the penis of any etiology, including those caused by Peyronie’s disease.

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